Cool New Music: Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li


Lykke Li

I love Lykke Li (pronounced Licky lee) though I have to admit she scares me a little. I haven’t come across someone who does naughty as well as Miss Li does (without being self indulgent, trashy or irritating) and I dream about her singing Get Some to me, well just a lil bit :).

I also haven’t come across a pop album that sounded so fresh and so good and one that I have listened to repeatedly like Wounded Rhymes in a long, long time. While most of the songs on the album revolve around love and the complex emotions that come with it, the tone of the songs moves from mischievous on Get Some , to poignant on Love out of Lust and Sadness is a Blessing, denial on Jerome to downright grim on the closing track Silent My Song.

The music is tres tres cool to boot and I seriously suggest that everyone check out what is surely one of the best albums of 2011 (remember this is coming from someone who generally believes that albums are a dying concept). Have a peep at the videos for Get Some, Love out of Lust and Sadness is a Blessing and listen to the entire below via Soundcloud.

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (Hype Machine Album Exclusive) by LykkeLi

So whatcha think? Do i deserve some love hmm?

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