I Wish I Could Express Myself So: Wishlist by Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam Spin Magazine Cover

‘I wish I was a neutron bomb for once I could go off’

You know you are in for something special when that’s the opening line of a song. From a band that needs no introduction and celebrates 20 years of being together this year comes one of my favorite love songs.

Taken from Pearl Jam’s under appreciated 1998 album Yield, Wishlist is lyrically speaking one of Eddie Vedder’s most poetic songs; simple yet very moving (if you pay attention to the lyrics that is!), expressing emotions and desires that we have all felt at one time or another.

While Pearl Jam’s body of work is littered with hits, Wishlist is my favorite song of theirs :).


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  1. Absolutely in agreement..its such a lovely poem by a band which is rather known for grunge.. its one of those songs which you like the first time you hear and then it stays.. pity didnt get the attention like the ‘Ten’ album

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