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Cool New Music_Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party_Danger Love

You’ve got to give the sextet from Vancouver, Canada who call themselves Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party props for a couple of things.

First has to be for the cool band name itself, I mean Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party how cool is that!! Second would be for the bands’ irreverent humour like in describing their sound as ‘It’s like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci having sex’ which translated for normal folks is electro, dance pop for the most part (a bit like The Rapture and early Phoenix, especially on songs like My 5 and Club Banger).

Though TLGLTP have been together since 2009, going by their website the band only has a few songs out and is working on a full length album that should be released soon. Of their available work the song Danger Love is my favourite (by far). It’s a charming and beautiful ballad that glides and soars in equal measure and is quite unlike their other songs which are more uptempo dance numbers. The other songs that I like are Club Banger and Robin both of which are more representative of TLGLTPs’ sound.

Check out Danger Love and Club Banger below. You can listen to more songs by TLGLTP here and can download three of their songs (Danger Love, Club Banger and My Five) here.

Danger Love // Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party by Lucy vs. the Globe Club banger by Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party by newonmyplaylist

Let me know your thoughts on the music and if you liked this bands music please do share it with your friends.

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