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The Orwells_Mallrats_Under the flowers video

These guys are my new band crush!

The Orwells are a garage pop quintet of seventeen year olds from Chicago, Illinois. These guys are seriously talented with a maturity that belies their age – in terms of their lyrics, their sound and their attitude.

Listening to their music, it’s hard to believe that it’s been made by a bunch of teenagers – they sound pretty tight for a young band but then again they’ve been playing together for more than three years now! The Orwells’ charm isn’t that what they do or how they sound is novel – their influences are pretty obvious and they don’t shy away from them – it’s that they manage to infuse their music with just enough of themselves and their teenage angst to make it distinct.

The Orwells album Remember When will get a label release on 7th August on Autumn Tone records (the band had previously self released it sometime last year) and it showcases why people have started noticing these guys. It’s a brilliant debut effort which manages to have enough variation within the confines of the garage pop/rock sound.

Whilst the bands youthful exuberance and energy is apparent on standout tracks like Mallrats (La la la) and In My Bed, it’s when they slow things down on songs like Never Ever, Lays At Rest and album closer Under The Flowers does one get to hear the exposition of their sound and an appreciation of their talents.

Check out some of The Orwells material below and let me know what you think of their music. If you like what you hear head here to buy their album.

This one’s actually a new song (not on the album) titled Who Needs You.


The Orwells – Who Needs You from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.


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