Speak To Me In Hushed Tones: The Loose Salute



Cool New Music_The Loose Salute

This one’s for the friends,
The friends and peers
Who’ve stayed together through the years         
Some afloat, some shipwrecked

–  It’s A Beautiful Thing

The Loose Salute are a British quintet lead by drummer Ian McCutcheon that make soft, dreamy folk-pop melodies. On their latest album Getting Over Being Under, the band has crafted songs that are so gentle in their caress that even while they touch upon painful memories and harsh truths, they leaving you smiling.

Album opener It’s A Beautiful Thing is a perfect example of this, conveying that life is hard both for the free spirited and the conformists but having someone you love by your side makes it a little easier, makes it that much more of a beautiful thing. Listen & smile :).

Happy I Don’t Count (originally recorded a couple of years ago) is another standout track on the album, check out its charming video below.

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  1. Boy this band is talented..where were they?? really heartfelt soulful songs..brings back the memories of Simon Garfnkl..hav a small suggestion.. post lyrics beside the songs

    • Thats a good suggestion 🙂 though in some cases like this if the band is still small and/or upcoming, song lyrics are hard to come by.

  2. #Happy I dont count.. whoa what a refreshing video with such a morningish feeling.. also atypical is their whisperish style of singing.. gimme more!!

  3. Ghansh, thank you so much for enabling me in this new addiction that is The Loose Salute. I, too, am searching for lyrics to their songs– let’s hope they start showing up online, and soon!

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