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The Head and The Heart

” If you believe that we contain within our skin and bones a spirit that might last longer than your time breathing in and out – if there is a spirit, music is the thing that wakes it up”- Bono

In todays music scene it is rare to discover music that touches your soul and that takes you on a spiritual journey. The aptly titled six member band The Head and The Heart create music that manages to do so with an ease that is well magical (thanks to musicforants and fuelfriendsblog for bringing them to my attention).

Formed in the summer of 2009, The Head and The Heart comprise of Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson who share the lead vocals and guitar duty, Charity Rose Thielen on violin and backing vocals, Kenny Hensley on keyboards, Tyler Williams on drums and Chris Zasche on bass guitar. Together they make soulful, folk rock reminiscent of CSNY driven by a trio of vocal harmonies that create a flutter in your heart and words that create in your heart vivid images of a longing for time gone by and people left behind.

The band released its self titled debut album in 2010 which is being released in 2011 after they signed on to the Sub Pop label. While the album has standout tracks like Down in the Valley, Rivers and Roads and Lost in my mind, it needs to be experienced as a whole to really appreciate its beauty.

Having said that this is a band that is in its element in a live setting and the studio recording doesn’t really do justice to the magic their songs are capable of creating. It’s in a live setting that you get a sense how good this band is and how big they are going to be. The few clips available on youtube show them playing intimate shows in small venues (from classrooms to parking garages) where you see how they pull the crowd in to their music.

There is something endearing and enchanting about bands playing for small audiences which tends to get lost when the bands become big, I suggest people in US and Europe catch them live asap. I just love these guys and if anyone from the band happens to read this post please try and make a trip to India!

Check out videos for Down in the valley (live), Lost in my mind, Rivers and Roads (live) and Gone (live) below and see if you can feel the magic i’v been talking about.

(This was performed in a parking garage!!! you can hear cars driving by in the background)

(Love the way the band gets the crowd involved in the song)

You can download Down in the Valley for free from the bands website (click here) and if you would like to buy The Head and The Heart album click here.

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