Sleeper Agent: ‘New’ Songs From InterroBANG!?

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Sleeper Agent_Interrobang!

Sleeper Agent, the Kentucky alt rock sextet, has recently uploaded InterroBANG!? (apparently their debut album!) on Bandcamp and it’s available for just 99 cents.

InterroBANG!? is a pretty tight rock record and album has three songs that did not go on and feature on Celabrasion – Hind Legs, Getcha Issue and Heavy Love (I dig both Hind Legs and Getcha Issue). Listen to these three ‘new’ songs below and head here to pick up the album (Update: It seems like the album was up for a limited time only and the band has removed it from now Bandcamp… can check out the video for Getcha Issue below nonetheless)


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One Comment

  1. Hooked on their video for “Waves” like an American on fast food

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