Cool New Music: Hooky, Raucous Melodies By Sleeper Agent


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One of the greatest joys as a music blogger is discovering and highlighting new acts/artists before (you think) they break out or become big. It’s a little romantic and does make us feel a bit self important in that we believe that we had some role (no matter how small) to play in a bands initial success.

Sleeper Agent (the latest object of my affection), a young sextet from Bowling Green, Kentucky that in the words of Rolling Stone magazine make ‘hook filled, hormone fueled garage rock’, looks to have the ingredients of a band that is on the verge of making it big (an endorsement by the aforementioned magazine and this renowned blog should count for something right?).

Jokes aside, one listen to their songs should give you an idea why. Sleeper Agents’ music possesses the energy and chops of a seasoned band which is impressive given that all its members are in their early 20’s (lead singer Alex Kandel is only 18). The band sounds really tight and has the versatility to sound blissfully raucous on short and crisp songs like my favourites Get It Daddy and Proper Taste; as well as make slower, endearing melodies like Love Blood and That’s My Baby. All of which makes their debut album Celabrasion an engaging listen.

Alex Kandel comes across as very self assured as a rock front woman and has a certain Joan Jett vibe to her which I personally think doesn’t hurt one bit :). Her singing partnership and inter play with singer-guitarist Tony Smith is reminiscent of Jack and Meg though it’s a little early to start making White Stripes comparisons.

Check out the video for the catchy Get It Daddy (available for download at the cost of your email id) and then listen to the equally good Proper Taste and Force A Smile. Ah perfect music to start the week :).


If you liked these songs then i recommend that you pick up Sleeper Agents debut album Celabrasion. Celabrasion is as of now out only I-Tunes which means that I can’t buy it much as i would want to (can hear it one youtube though, take that Apple!). One can pre-order a CD + T Shirt package that comes with an instant digital download from the bands website.

Also if you liked the music then don’t forget to share the wealth and spread the love!

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  1. These guys are amazing! For those of you that still need the CD, you can get it for $5 on Amazon….it’s totally worth it.

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