(Re)Discovering The Noughties: Jamming To Some Spoon


Having grown up in the 1980s and 90s (the process still continues) on a staple diet of 80s pop and 90s alternative rock, I have to admit that musically speaking the noughties (2000-09) kinda passed me by for the most part. (Re)Discovering The Noughties (hopefully it is going be a series) is my way of trying to rectify that.

spoon_jonathan fisk_stay dont go

I’m going to start of this series with a couple of songs by Spoon that are taken from their 2002 album Kill The Moonlight. I became familiar with this indie rock band thanks to the brilliant I Turn My Camera On (Gimme Fiction 2005), but apart from that song and their 2010 album Transference I hadn’t really heard too much of them.

I spent sometime over the weekend listening to Kill The Moonlight and I must say it’s a pretty cool album. While The Way We Get By is the most well known song from the album, my personal favorites are Jonathan Fisk (a song about a high school bully) and Stay Don’t Go (love Bret Daniels’ beat boxing on this song).

Enjoy both these songs below.

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  1. It’s one of the best albums of the decade, every song is a killer, no filler. Stay Don’t Go is a masterpiece and Britt Daniels is a genius.

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