(Re)Discovering The Noughties: Interpols’ Debut



Interpol_NYC_Obstacle 1_videos

While I was a fan of the whole post punk revival movement lead by bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes in the early 2000s, I never really managed to get into Interpol (hmm I know that sentence sounds a little weird) at the time.

So I thought I’d give them another shot via their 2002 debut album Turn On The Bright Lights. It comes across as a pretty consistent album that has aged well with a few stellar songs like NYC, Obstacle 1 and PDA.

Still a bit too flat for me but ya Interpol they’re alright :). Check out the videos for NYC (my personal favourite) and Obstacle 1 below.

 For more music from this series click here.

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  1. I absolutely love this album and yes it has aged well. The ambience and atmosphere in this album is unparalled, this is the best set of songs from this band, I don’t know why I do not dig their next album ‘Antics’ though.

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