NOMP Favourite Albums of 2012


NOMP Favourite Albums of 2012

These dozen albums from 2012 were the ones that I enjoyed listening to the most over the course of the year. Again the list is arranged broadly in ascending order of likeability.


Swing Lo Magellan

Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors

There is no way that I would have listened to this album (or an album like this) all the way through a couple of years ago. I mean where are the hooks, the conventional melodies, the verse-chorus-verse song structures?

A couple of years of blogging have if nothing else taught be the virtue of patience and sticking with music that may not be conventional but is fascinating nonetheless (I still don’t get Animal Collective though!)



Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts

Witty, intelligent and sonically pleasing punk/post punk from a New York band to watch out for



Other People’s Problems by Breton

I’m a sucker for any half decent coming together of rock and electronic music and Breton to their credit did an excellent job on their full length debut.



 Sun by Cat Power

 In 2012 I finally got into Cat Power as well, thanks to her most accessible and ‘pop’ oriented effort yet.


allo darlin

Europe by Allo Darlin’

Sweet indie pop that even at its saddest still comes across as sunny and positive


hard in heaven_cover

 Hard In Heaven by Natural Child

 Good old rock n roll, tastefully executed by an up and coming Tennessee trio. One of my favourite rock records of the year


grimes visions

 Visions by Grimes

 Grimes third and most accomplished album to date is an experimental pop sonic leisure cruise


orwells album cov

Remember When by The Orwells

Brilliant raucous garage rock by a young Illinois band that sound so seasoned and accomplished that it’s scary 🙂



 Shields by Grizzly Bear

 Grizzly Bear like Cat Power had to ‘dumb’ down and make their most accessible record to date for me to like it and like it I did



 Celebration Rock by Japandroids

 This album was the rock equivalent of being given free reign in a candy store as a child. Every song is as good as the preceding one and the intensity rarely lets up.



 Django Django by Django Django

 This remains the most fun pop record to listen to of 2012 for me. There’s so much happening on each song -half the excitement is just trying to wrap your brain around that


attack on mem

 Attack On Memory by Cloud Nothings

 Dylan Baldi’s first album with a full fledged band was released in Jan 2012….and it’s never really left my record player since then.

Songs like No Sentinent, Wasted Days, No Future No Past all captured an angst and disappointment that seemed more a sign of our times than relevant just to a certain phase of life.


 So there you have it, my favourite albums of 2012. What about you? What were some of your favourite albums of 2012? Do let me know in the comments.

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