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favourite songs of 2012

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It’s that time of the year again, when I look back and reflect on all the great music that I listened to in the year gone by. I’m starting with the list of my favourite songs from 2012 and will follow it up with the list of my favourite 2012 albums next week. The bands and female artists to watch in 2013 lists should be out in the 1st week of the New Year.

As with last year’s list, this year’s list features one song per artist released in 2012 (ideally). The list is broken down across four pages (page links are located under the share buttons at the bottom of each page), broadly in ascending order of preference. Having compiled it, I have to say that it does come across as a little schizophrenic with mainstream and potentially mainstream pop and R&B songs on one side and garage rock/punk and indie rock at other end with nothing quite in the middle but i guess that’s the way i roll :).

There’s a Grooveshark playlist containing all the songs at the bottom of page 4, you can also listen to it here. For the more visually inclined, check out the Youtube playlist of my favourite songs of 2012 here. Also don’t forget to let me know what some of your favourite songs of 2012 were in the comments.


Parquet Courts: Stoned & Starving 
My favourite song on these New York rockers Light Up Gold album; sucks you in from the opening chords and takes you along for a trippy five-minute ride.


Cheers Elephant: Leaves
With some songs you just know you’re gonna love them the moment they start. Leaves is one of those: a brilliantly written and perfectly executed pop/rock song.


Allo Darlin’: Some People Say
Any song on Europe, Allo Darlin’s sophomore album, could feature on this list but for me this was by the far the prettiest song on the album.


Free Energy: Dance All Night
The snob in me wants to dislike this song and but the fan in me just can’t help but like it. Damn you Free Energy!


Outfit: Everything All The Time
British outfit Outfit channel the best of Duran Duran and British new wave on this brilliant song.


Ben Howard: Oats In The Water
Ben Howard went electric and darker, more sombre on his Burgh Island EP with this gem as a result.


Cat Power: Nothing But Time
Last year my award for my favourite long song went to Wilco’s One Sunday Morning, this year it goes to this piece of advice to people starting off in life by Cat Power (with a little help from Iggy Pop of course) – take your time and be yourself folks.


BOY: Little Numbers
Ah sweet, sunny, happy pop music from Germany. Even Lufthansa couldn’t resist its power.


Isaac Delusion: Early Morning
Blissful dream pop by a couple of French wizards that was reminiscent of Melody A.M. era Royskopp


Icona Pop: I Love It
Icona Pop followed up last year’s Manners with this infectious burst of electro pop goodness. Brooding over a relationship gone bad is so not their style cause they’re too busy having fun. This Swedish duo rules the electro pop world, the world just doesn’t know it yet.


Angel Haze: New York
I don’t listen to hip hop much. This is the only song hip hop song on my list cause well Angel Haze does run New York. Enough said.

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