NOMP 41 Favourite Songs Of 2012

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favourite songs of 2012


Taylor Swift: We Are Never Getting Back Together
What’s that they say about not judging a book by it’s cover? This song made me give M/s Swift a more serious look, hell I even bought Red!


Cloud Nothings: Wasted Days
In which Dylan Baldi bristles with a laconic anger and echoes a feeling that a lot of us have had at one point in time in our life. Intensive, aggressive alt rock by a band to watch


Rhye: Hunger
This mysterious duo’s R&B/soul pop inspired debut EP Open created quite a buzz when released. While a lot folks were bowled over by the title track, the sensual, upbeat Hunger was my favourite.
For the longest time I (along with the rest of the blogosphere) thought that vocals by this LA based duo were courtesy of a female. Turns out that’s actually a guy singing, yup!


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: Man On Fire
Alex Ebert’s world weary vocals work like a charm and make me wish the whole world would dance with me too.


HAIM: Forever/Don’t Save Me
These LA sisters were the breakout band of 2012 for me and their infectious pop/rock was a pleasure to listen to. They charmed the pants of everybody with Forever at the start of the year and wrapped it up with equally delicious Don’t Save Me.


Frank Ocean: Thinking About You
Just about the most poignant, beautiful, self confessional love song written this year


Pangea: River
Infectious garage pop that bristles and bursts with energy and is just so so much fun


Fiona Apple: Anything We Want
Fiona Apple hasn’t sound this flirty and ‘happy’ in a very long time & when she sings
‘And I kept touching my neck to guide your eye to where I wanted
You to kiss when we find some time alone’

Sigh just melts me every time 🙂


Japandroids: House That Heaven Built
Celebration Rock has a lot of great songs on it but this one’s my favourite of the lot (Fire’s Highway is a close second)


FIDLAR: Cheap Beer/West Coast/No Waves/White On White…
FIDLAR put out so many great songs out in 2012 that it’s hard to choose just one. I’m a sucker for their surf/garage rock-punk sound and aesthetic which reverberates in everything that they do- their videos, their live shows, their merchandise and even their interviews :).


So that’s my list of favourite songs of 2012. Do let me know about yours in the comments below and while you’re at it you can listen to the Grooveshark playlist.

Cheers and have a great 2013.


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