NOMP: 13 Bands To Watch In 2013


nomp 2013 bands to watch




Savages_Band to Watch 2013
From: London, UK
Links: Website | Facebook

Savages is an all female post punk quartet that had the entire UK buzzing when their first song Husbands came out in May 2012. The rest of the music world caught up soon enough.

While writing about them I said that ‘they come across as a seasoned, accomplished band and their music, which draws from the best of post punk influences, is dark and gripping with a taut, barely contained intensity and energy. It’s bloody brilliant!

Savages are working on their debut album and it should come out sometime this year.



Pangea_Band to Watch 2013
From: Los Angeles, California
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

This is what I said about Pangea when I first covered them in Apr, 2012 ‘Pangea is a LA based garage-punk quartet who, like their frequent partners in crime FIDLAR, have been generating substantial buzz on the underground LA punk scene. The band has a carefree, unpretentious, surfy, garage rock sound that is typical to Southern California.

The current line-up of this four-piece band has been together since 2010 with singer-songwriter William Keegan and bassist Danny Bengston as the constant factors and the heart of the band. Pangea followed up their 2011 LP Living Dummy with the awesome Killer Dreams EP in 2012 and I believe their next LP is due in 2013.


Parquet Courts

Pangea_Band to Watch 2013
From: New York based
Links: Website | Bandcamp

This post punk quartet put out, in the form of Light Up Gold, one of my favourite albums of 2012. I felt I was a stunningly mature and intelligent effort for a debut album and a must have for classic punk/post punk fans. Keep an eye out for these guys.


Dune Rats

Dune Rats_Band to Watch 2013
From: Brisbane, Australia
Links: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

Danny Beusa and BC Michaels are a couple of young rascals that make sunny, hooky surf rock that bristles with a restrained, youthful energy. Their music captures a slice of the carefree exuberance and charm of youth that draws listeners in to revel in its magic as well. 

In terms of their musical output, the duo has released a couple of EPs in 2011 and their latest single Fuck It came out in July 2012. The duo will be performing at SXSW in the US this year so be sure to catch them if you happen to be there.


Cheers Elephant

Cheers Elephant_Band to Watch 2013
From: Philadelphia, US
Links: Website | Facebook |Bandcamp

On their third album, Like Wind Blows Fire, the Philly quartet hit their stride and their breezy, jingle jangly pop rock that’s replete with beautifully layered harmonies made people sit up and take notice. 

Cheers Elephant have begun work on their next album and have a national tour of the US planned in March 2013.


The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood_Band to Watch 2013

From: California, US
Links: Website | Facebook | Youtube

Along with HAIM, The Neighbourhood with their hip hop tinged pop/rock have the most radio friendly sound amongst all the acts on this list. If they keep on churning out songs like Sweater Weather and Female Robbery I think they’ll be alright :).

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