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Natural Child_Big Pimpin_Laid Paid Strange

Natural Child is an exciting, buzzworthy trio from Nashville, Tennessee.  Their music is a heady cocktail of classic psychedelic, garage and blues rock – all genres that I’m a big fan of. Sure, they may not bring anything new in terms of a sound to the table but Natural Child imbue their songs with a youthful energy and passion that makes them standout.

They’re a prolific bunch having released 3 albums in the last two years (two of them in 2012, each successive release showcasing progress in the band’s sound and musicianship. Natural Child released their latest album Hard In Heaven back in September, from that effort check out my favourite songs – Laid,Paid & Strange, Big Pimpin and Derek’s Blues – as well as an earlier single Nobody Wants To Party With Me below.

If you like what you hear (which you should if you’re a fan of 60s/70s classic rock) you can buy Hard in Heaven here.


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  1. Good sounding recording on the new song.

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