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I won’t lie
I was thinking of your hands tonight
The flowers that you grew
The stories that you gave to me They said, “Don’t waste your love, you know you need better,”
I said, “Don’t waste your words, you know I know better”

                                                   – You Need Better

Are you the kind that’s drawn more towards music inspired by darker emotions, particularly music inspired by sadness caused by the existence or lack thereof of relationships? If yes then you’ll definitely dig Lanterns On The Lake.

Lanterns On The Lake is a sextet from Newcastle UK comprising Hazel Wilde (vocals, guitar), Adam Sykes (vocals, guitar), Paul Gregory (guitars, electronics), Brendan Sykes (bass), Sarah Kemp (violin), Ol Ketteringham (drums, piano) and they create restrained, melancholy drenched folk melodies with just a hint of electronica.

They sound a bit like the The Loose Salute, but LOTLs’ music is more layered and has a dreamier atmosphere. It’s exquisite, sighs and tears inducing stuff so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Formed in 2008, the band has released three EPs to date and their debut album (which features a number of songs from their previous work) Gracious Tide, Take Me Home is out on September 19th. Check out Keep On Trying and You’re Almost There, which are new songs on the forthcoming album and then head for my favourite songs by LOTL; You Need Better (Misfortunes and Minor Victories EP 2009) and If I Have Been Unkind (The Starlight EP 2008).

Lanterns On The Lake – Keep On Trying from Bella Union on Vimeo.

Lanterns on the Lake – You’re Almost There from Bella Union on Vimeo.

You Need Better by Lanterns on the Lake


For those interested you can check out more music by Lanterns On The Lake at their Bandcamp page.

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