Cool New Music: Lana Del Rey



lana del rey_video games_blue jeans

Another female artist with a lot of recent blog buzz behind her; another artist with a distinct retro feel to their music!

Lana Del Rey aka Lissy Grant is the latest musician whose stock has shot up suddenly in the last few months thanks to a handful of songs on Youtube. As in the case of Kreayshawn, there is a certain amount of cynicism around Lana Del Rey; with the dolled up makeover and the seemingly carefully crafted persona (sultry, wicked yet vulnerable doll).

But the thing is that once you get past that and the full bodied, permanently bee stung, upper lip (it’s not easy I know), the music is actually rather interesting. It has a strong 60s pop vibe and Lana’s voice reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks. The few songs by Lizzy in her current avatar that are out there, do show a certain range and dynamic with Video Games and Blue Jeans being sad ballads and Kinda Outta Luck revealing a more peppy (yet still sultry) side.

Hyped up or hype worthy? I say check out Lana Del Reys’ music and make up your own mind.

Love? Hate? Debate?


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