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cool new music_JMSN_Alone_Hotel

 All hail the White Weeknd!

JMSN (pronounced JAMESON) is the new avatar of the multi faceted Detroit native Christian Berishaj, erstwhile known as Christian TV.  JMSN is a clear (and welcome) change in direction for Christian; a move away from making pedestrian, middle of the road pop/hip hop and towards a more sonically pleasing, smooth and soulful R&B sound.

It’s inevitable that this ‘new’ sound is going to draw comparisons with The Weeknd. While going just by two songs can be misleading (but when has that stopped critics/fans), it’s apparent that JMSNs strength is his crisp minimalist production. That’s what stands out for me on his two singles, Hotel and Alone; that and his stylish albeit slightly dark videos.

Check out the two songs below (Alone is available as a download in exchange for your email) and let me know what you think of JMSN. His debut album Priscilla is scheduled to be out on January 11, 2012.


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