In the mystery zone: My first post



I love music, listening to it that is (even my shower shudders when i sing!).

Having grown up on a steady diet of pop & rock in the 80’s & 90’s in a country(India) where English music is a distant second to Bollywood, over the last few years despite technology improving accessibility its surprisingly been a lot harder to come across good music : the kinds that doesn’t leave you confused or blank, doesn’t make you cringe and want to pull your hair out & that you can listen to without going deaf.

For me personally part of the reason why its been hard has been the paucity of time as I started working (yup, been there haven’t you!) but the bigger reason has been how the music scene has changed in the last decade or so.

While technology has ‘democratized’ in a sense music production and distribution leading to a quantum increase in the amount of music available out there, music genres have multiplied to mind boggling levels – you now have progressive rock, arena rock, jam rock, psychedelic rock, rap!! rock, shock rock (gimme some of that i say) to name a phew! within rock. As a result given the little time one has and the sheer amount of choice one doesn’t know where to begin.

The other thing is that most music nowadays seems to straddle two extremes: there is either the mass produced, manufactured but emotionally vacuous popular music (don’t get me wrong i love some of it too) that you soon get tired off or there is the critically acclaimed, indie music that can be pretty arcane and tests your patience. There isn’t too much in between.

The sad thing is that as a result of the above i find myself, my friends and people around me losing touch with something that i believe is essential and integral to our lives. MUSIC.

This blog is my way of trying to get back a lot more good (my definition is anything that gives me goosebumps at the first listen), hell awesome music in my life and share it with all of you out there. Feel free to share your comments and more importantly your music recommendations with me.

The first song i want to share is the Mystery Zone by Spoon (more on them later) which still passes the goosebumps test on repeated listens :). The song and post title is contextual to me as well since I recently quit my job of 9 years in search for something more meaningful and i find myself in this uncertain, mystery zone where i’m not too sure about what i want to do in the future.

But for now i am taking a cue from the opening lyrics of this song:

Picture yourself, Set up for good in a whole other life, In the mystery zone


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