Cool New Music: Hundred Visions


Hundred Visions_Permanent Basement LP

Anyone who honestly believes that rock is dead in today’s age is well just plain lazy and ignorant.

To support my claim I present (Exhibit Z) Hundred Visions, a quartet from Austin, Texas that play an upbeat and extremely hooky mix of pop punk and straight up rock n roll. It’s the kind of music I could listen to all day and I wish would get played on radio (more often).

The band has been together since 2010 and released their debut LP Permanent Basement in November 2012. The LP featured previously released singles as well new material, off which Where Do I Sign, Last Cab To Tunis and Regina, Hold The Line are my favourite songs.

Listen to them below and head to Hundred Visions’ Bandcamp page to hear/buy the LP (trust me it’s totally worth the effort).


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