Cool New Music: Future Starts Slow by The Kills


The Kills_Future Starts Slow video

Let me start by saying that I love this song. Why?  I’ve got two words for you: Alison Mosshart :).

To those of you saying ‘err I thought your two words were Lykke Li or Ritzy Bryan?’ Well I love them too! Where is it written that I can have only one set of two words?? Those of you saying ‘What about Jamie Hince?’ I say what about him, he’s got Kate Moss! That’s what his career amounts to now.

Anyhow after that bit of rambling lets get to the music. Future Starts Slow is the dark yet alluring opening track from The Kills recently released album Blood Pressures. The song has captivating little riff that hooks you as Jamie and Alison sing about their unwillingness to let go of a relationship no matter how destructive it is. TASTY!

You can holler, you can wail
You can swing, you can flail
You can fuck like a broken sail
But I’ll never give you up
If I ever give you up my heart will surely fail


In summation all I want to say is that Baby Ruthless can blow whatevers left of my right mind anytime she wants (even though I’ve been told there isn’t too much left to blow) :).

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