Blast From The Past: Violent Femmes


Favourite Violent Femmes songs

Violent Femmes self titled 1983 debut album is a brilliant piece of work at so many levels. It created a distinct new sound at that time with its marriage of melodic folk and energetic punk rock, a sound that has pretty much remained unique to the band.

Violent Femmes is a rare album that’s replete with brilliant individual songs and yet works well as a cohesive whole and sounds surprisingly fresh even today. You ask five fans what their favourite song from the album is and you wouldn’t be surprised if each one of them comes up with a different song.

Blister In The Sun and Kiss Off are the two most well known songs from the album but songs like melancholic Good Feeling, the testosterone filled Add It Up and Ugly are true classics in their own right. And lets not forget Gone Daddy Gone (covered a couple of years ago by Gnarls Barkley).

Have a listen to some of the aforementioned songs and then do yourself a favour and pick up this classic album at the earliest.

01 – Blister In The Sun by talita-fornereto

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