New On My Playlist: 41 Favourite Songs Of 2011


New On My Playlist_Top songs of 2011

 10. Down In The Valley: The Head And The Heart

There is something magical about The Head And The Heart when they perform live; their passion and energy just mesmerize and draw listeners in.  This song and the video below was my first glimpse of  this great band and its hard not to feel that you’re watching something special.

2011 was a good year for them what with touring and opening for bands like My Morning Jacket and The Decemberists, 2012 promises to be even bigger with band having their own headlining tour.

9. Whirring: The Joy Formidable

2011 would be the year that I fell hard for Ritzy Bryan (and Lykke Li and Alison Mosshart and Samantha Urbani).

Now Whirring wasn’t on my favourite songs of H1’2011 list because it along with a whole host of other Joy Formidable songs has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now. But given the way the band has blown up this year, what with opening slots for The Foo Fighters and the fact Whirring encompasses all that makes The Joy Formidable a great alt rock band it would be a sin to leave it off this list.

Watch the band tear it up at SXSW 2011. Hmm so much noise made by just 3 people!


8. Pumped Up Kicks: Foster The People

It takes some talent to create an ultra catchy, irresistibly hummable song based on a subject that is actually quite dark, even disturbing; to have song about ‘hipster’ violence established as a summer party anthem.


7. Marvins Room: Drake

In which Drake acts out like a spoiled albeit lost celeb and still has you feeling sorry for him.


6. Ffunny Ffrends: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Extremely addictive, nostalgic blend of trippy psych and indie rock that ages damn well.


5. Get It Daddy: Sleeper Agent

The discovery of the year for me (the band more than the song).


4. Alex/ Vomit: Girls

Father, Son, Holy Ghost was one of my favourite albums of this year and it’s really hard to choose just one favourite song from it. My work around this conundrum is to have Vomit below for your listening pleasure and Alex as part of the playlist at the end of this post.


3. High School Lover: Oregon Bike Trails

As I mentioned earlier in the year High School Lover is ‘Zach Yudins’ simple, nostalgic and so, so delicious ode to high school and all the complications that go with it’. Almost an entire year later this song sounds just as fresh and just as classic.


2. It’s Real/Green Aisles: Real Estate

Ah another conundrum given that both these songs are special. If It’s Real is the upbeat pop gem on the bands latest album, then Green Aisles is its laidback, nostalgia inducing counterpart. Truly magical stuff by this New Jersey band.

Watch the video for It’s Real below and listen to Green Aisles as part of the 2011 favourite songs playlist below.


1. Voyager Reprise: Surfer Blood

I don’t know why Tarot Classics, Surfer Blood latest EP didn’t get a lot more attention in 2011 as in my opinion it was quite brilliant. Voyager Reprise was the jewel in the crown, signifying a glimmer of hope for rock music thanks to a band that I think has found its groove in 2011.


So there you have it, NOMPs’ favourite songs of 2011, all 41+ of them :). Now that you’ve checked out the songs individually (hopefully!), you can have the pleasure of listening to these songs in the form of a Grooveshark playlist below.

Let me know what you thought of my favourite songs of 2011 and share with me in the comments, songs that rocked your boat this year and that i might have missed out on. Cheers!

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