New On My Playlist: 41 Favourite Songs Of 2011


New On My Playlist_Top songs of 2011

20. East Harlem: Beirut

East Harlem was my introduction to Zach Condon and music of Beirut and what a gorgeous introduction indeed.


19. Wilhelm Scream: James Blake

Proof that James Blake is a genius and that silence can be a key instrument whilst making music. Listen to this with headphones on.


18. Family: Noah Gundersen

Just watch this performance especially the way Noah delivers the first line. Sometimes that’s all it takes to love a song.


17. Ghost Town: Hook Moon

This song was one of the finds of the year for me courtesy of BIRP!. As I wrote earlier in the year Ghost Town is ‘a soundtrack to empty, meandering, depressing lives that a lot of us end up living. It has a dark, foreboding vibe created by a hypnotic drum loop and lo-fi vocals that captures the mood and spectre symbolized by the song’s name perfectly’.


16. Shook Down: Yuck

For reminding me why I love 90’s alternative rock so much; and that some bands out there are still making great rock music.


15. Lotus Flower: Radiohead

Radioheads best song in a while, by a mile. And does Thom Yorke have some moves or what?


14. Throw Your Arms Around Me: Summer Fiction

This song gets me every time and I can listen to it and watch its video for hours on end; truly exquisite music.


13. Danger Love: Top Less Gay Love Tekno Parade

This charming ballad is another BIRP! find. Whenever Danger Love comes up on my iPod I have to stop whatever else that I’m doing and just listen to it. TLGLTP have loads of talent and I hope they go places, good places.

Danger Love // Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party by Lucy vs. the Globe


12. I’m His Girl: Friends

Another buzz band from that hipster haven Brooklyn, but this time with chops and hooks to match up to the said buzz. I’m His Girl has plenty going for it, that mind infecting bass driven hook for one and well then there’s Samantha Urbani!


11. Silent Way: Milo Greene

This is what I wrote about Milo Greene when I first heard them:

‘Sunny vocal harmonies that swing breezily from sweet and gentle to joyous and soaring; mingle with blissful folk pop melodies and simple, bittersweet lyrics to produce something quite magical. That for me in a (slightly big) nutshell is the sound of LA folk pop/rock quintet Milo Greene’.

I still get goosebumps every time I hear this song and Milo Greene is another band for whom I expect big things in the near future.

In A Silent Way by ATL REC

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