New On My Playlist: 41 Favourite Songs Of 2011


New On My Playlist_Top songs of 2011

 30. I Like The Way You Walk: The Donkeys 

A Classic rock love song by the San Diego sunshine boys. Nice, easy, laidback and oh with that refrain at the end, ‘Love you with all my heart’. INDEED :).


29. American Daydream: Electric Guest

Perfect pop gem by a LA based duo, produced by Danger Mouse (no wonder!).


28. King Of Diamonds: Motopony

I’m a sucker for even reasonably well written love songs and this one is special. It introduced me to a potentially great band and a lovely album. Love the video too, it’s almost like the song was written to be shot in Las Vegas.


27. High For This: The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye came out of nowhere to become the Prince of R&B in 2011 with two awesome mixtapes; High For This, the opening track from House Of Balloons, was the highlight for me.

The video for this song is highly NSFW so NO watching in the office or with kids around k!


26. One Sunday Morning: Wilco

This is how I tell it,
Oh, but its long

At 12 minutes this is definitely the longest song on this list but you don’t really notice it as the song draws you in and time just flies by. One Sunday Morning is a beautifully crafted Wilco song, one of their best in a really long time.


25. Lungs Quicken: Lanterns On The Lake

As the descriptor of the SXSW video for Lungs Quicken quite accurately mentions ‘Lanterns on the Lake play a sparkly blend of cinematic post-pop. With their starry songs and lustrous melody, this band are quietly creating something truly magical, displaying both a quiet melancholy and a soaring intensity’.


24. A Little Bit Of Everything: Dawes

You have to wait right till the end of Nothing Is Wrong to get to this beautifully written song and it makes up for the rest of the album. If only Dawes would write more songs like this one!


23. Manners: Icona Pop

Swedish pop at its best from a little known duo.


22. Sweet 17: Dirty Beaches

In an alternate universe Alex Hungtai aka Dirty Beaches would be a long lost offspring of Elvis, fusing rock n roll with technology and taking his dads legacy forward. And oh dad would be so proud :).


21. Gene Ciampi: Twin Sister

A perky, catchy tune from a band on the up but from an album that I found disappointing.

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