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If you’re a fan of Indie rock and are looking for a recommendation for the next album to buy then I suggest you pick up San Francisco indie rock duo Girls latest album Father, Son, Holy Ghost as I believe it has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic album.

Lead singer Christopher Owens’ meaningful lyrics are replete with relatable experiences whether it be reconciliation with a parent or relationship issues (with the angst and joys therein). The songs are well produced with enough variation in tone and pace and with a number of layers that reveal themselves over multiple listens. It’s an album that you won’t get tired of in a hurry, well atleast I didn’t.

The thing that has drawn me most to the band is their ability of creating brilliantly addictive long drawn songs wherein a few lines are repeated to convey/reinforce deep seated emotions with the music building up towards a glorious and cathartic conclusion. Vomit, Forgiveness and Just A Song are fine examples of this on Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Sample a few of my favourite songs from the album and if you like what you here I would really urge you to buy the entire album (click here).

Nights I spend alone
I spend ‘em runnin’ ’round lookin’ for you, baby
Nights I spend alone
I spend ‘em runnin’ ’round lookin’ for you, baby
Lookin’ for love

- Vomit

Nothing’s gonna get any better
If you don’t have a little hope,
If you don’t have a little love,
In your soul Nothing’s gonna get any better
If you’re drowning in your fear,
If you’ve got nothing but sorrow,
In your soul

- Forgiveness


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