Uneasy Listening: EMA


EMA_Marked_The Grey Ship

If this time through
We don’t get it right,
I’ll come back to you
In another life.


South Dakota native Erika M Anderson (EMA) made one of the most raw and deeply personal records of last year in the form of Past Life Martyred Saints. EMA approaches subjects like alienation, abuse and personal loss on the album with an unaffected intensity that is both disarming and disconcerting. At times you almost feel like you’re intruding on some process of personal catharsis, yet find yourself unable to pull away.

The music which is a slow building mix of acoustic ‘noise folk’ and fuzzy guitars with a sprinkling of pop hooks adds to the overall somber mood of the record. It’s not an easy listen for sure but if you stick with it, it is quite a moving experience.

Check out – Marked and Greyship – a couple of my favourite songs from Past Life Martyred Saints (California and Anteroom are other must check out songs) as well as Take One Two, a new single that EMA’s just released as part of an anti-bullying campaign. 

EMA – The Grey Ship by WorkItMedia

 If you’re interested in buying the album you can pick it up here

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