Cool New Music: Don’t Sweat the Small Shit by Cfit


The Irish band Cfit

In a world with a zillion things fighting for our attention, with so many distractions and so much noise it’s a welcome relief to come across music that completely captivates you so that for those few minutes nothing else matters/registers (NO I’m not referring to Britney Spears here).

Some songs just leave you speechless because of their sheer beauty. Sometimes it’s because of the lyrics, sometimes it’s the music. It’s in those rare cases where insightful/heartfelt lyrics meet exquisite musicianship that something beautiful is born.

Don’t Sweat the Small Shit by Irish Indie folk/pop band Cfit is one such piece of music and it’s been on constant replay on my music player for the last couple of days. Love the lyrics (sample: On those days when the rain incinerates all it touches we’ll just find a way to walk between the raindrops), love the way the music takes off the moment the xylophone kicks in and love the video (makes me miss my friends) specially the bit with the flying lanterns.

Cfit is a seven piece band ,with Noel Duplaa and Jennifer Roche handling vocal duties, that makes sweet, melancholic, goosebumps generating music. Check out the video below and let me know if your reaction to the song and the video is anywhere close to mine :).

If you liked the song you can download it for free from Cfits Bandcamp page here.

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