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  1. Hi,

    Happy New Year!

    Just hitting you up with a quick e-mail as I’ve put up a new track from the forthcoming EP:

    MILES PROWER – ‘Second Chance’ (Feat. Dan Mur)

    Would be awesome if you could share it on your blog!

    Keep up the great work  🙂



  2. NOMP,

    I wanted to introduce you to Caldecott ( and indie rock group from Oakland. I see that you recently started listening to Meat Market. They’re a great band and some of our friends in Oakland. There is a ton of great music here in the Bay Area and I could definitely recommend some other artists for you to check out. Anyway before I get carried away listen to Caldecott and if you enjoy we’d love to be featured on your blog.

  3. How’s it going NOMP,

    We are JNMP (Josephine & The Mousepeople). We are two guys from Chicago, both from very religious homes, who broke away and started creating music together. We have been performing and touring for ten years. Our name is from a short story that tells about a lonely woman captivating the hearts and minds of her town just by doing what’s in her heart. Anyway, we’re coming to you because we have a lot of love for your blog, and we know your audience will definitely get down with this new track we have. It is an anthem of angst and longing in the dance/pop genre. We labored intensively over it and now we present it to you. If you like the track and your audience responds, we are available for an interview. Below is a link to Dance Dance, Josephine & The Mousepeople’s new single.

    best, JNMP

  4. We are a 4 peace alt rock band from nyc we’ve been together for about 4 years making music.Our band is called Friction Division due to our different taste’s of music. Check our video of “Highway” on youtube.

    This is the link :

    Thanks a lot for your time!

    Friction Division

  5. Hi,
    I’m Sacha Philippe, lead singer and songwriter for The Fadeout, an independent Canadian band from Montreal. Often described as a mix between MGMT and The Beach Boys, our music is a smooth psychedelic sunshine pop built around catchy melodies, original instrumentations and rich vocal harmonies.
    We recently released our new music video for ‘‘Fantasy’’, from our debut LP, “Shapes of Animals”.
    Reading your about section, we had the feeling that you might be interested by our music. If you could watch our video, listen to our music and consider sharing them on your blog, we would really appreciate.
    To watch the video on YouTube:
    To listen and/or share songs from our album, you can stream it online for free at: or :
    If you have any question or if you need any information about the band, please contact us

    Thanks for taking the time to consider our music.
    Best regards,

    Sacha-Philippe Hebert-Jodoin
    Singer / songwriter for The Fadeout

    ps. the submit form didn’t work, that’s why we are sending you our message via this box

  6. Hi Anshu Anand,

    We are Showroom Dummies, a new power trio from London, UK.

    We have been writing, recording and gigging for a few months now and everyone seems to love our music. We think it is now time to be heard by a bigger audience, build up a genuine fan base and we would really appreciate if you could help us and support us.

    We are working on our EP and we will be uploading new tracks within the next couple of weeks, for now we only have 2 tracks ready (all recorded in my bedroom):

    Please, let us know what do you think, every feedback is important for us to get better and better.

    Thanks in advance for your time.



    SHOWROOM DUMMIES is a London based power trio. Gigi (pronounced ‘gee-gee’ and he is not a girl!), Pharoah (now, that’s a name! he LOOOOVES tennis!) and Kevin (he speaks “Brezhoneg”) met at a warehouse party somewhere in East London. They were making some serious noise playing unconventional instruments (you know…those “never seen” instruments you’d find in the neighbour’s rubbish bin) until some drunken pointy shoes dude from Dalston said: ”hey guys, what’s your band called?”. Whether he was fooling around or not, they took it as a sign.
    Since that day, they got better even though Gigi had to learn how to play keyboards with his feet (he is still learning btw!). They’ve been creating imaginative, yet essentially simple tracks. Their lyrics are witty, truthful, declamatory, fun, profound, honest, light (yeah, I know!). Their sound is characterful, bold and confident. Not to be missed!

  7. This is Sophia Gomez from Daysleeper Management, I’m here to submit music by the UK indie rock band Exit Earth fronted by Symrun Johal They recently released a free album called Heavy Eyes and a video for the single Collarbone. < Collarbone video < bands website. < bands picture site. < electronic press kit. < band twitter.

  8. Hi Anshu,

    My name is Brett and I play in an indie rock band called San Felix out of Victoria, BC. We just released three songs off our new EP entitled “Last Narrow Home”.

    We’d love if you could have a listen, share, or write about our tunes!

    Here is the link for streaming the songs:

    Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy! 

    Brett Frankson and San Felix

  9. Good day!

    My name is Yana, I am a vocalist of the band Purple Eve. Recently we’ve made a music video for new single “Swamp” from our upcoming album. I would like to tell you a bit about us and the idea behind the clip. We would be very grateful for posting information about our new music video on your website.

    Indie band Purple Eve showed itself to the world in 2008 as an acoustic duo. Since then the band underwent many fascinating metamorphosis. Starting with their creative research roles as freak bards, they have become electronics engineers, and even seasoned rockers. Purple Eve continue to evolve their own sound – a fancy plexus of stoner, jazz, gothic pop and psychedelic.

    The band is offering you a fresh glimpse of their new upcoming single “Swamp”. The mystical tune sharing a common mood with likes of Florence and the Machine and Bat for Lashes.

    Purple Eve musicians were responsible for making this video a reality, filling the scenes with characters that unlike any others have become key parts of their art. The actors featured in Swamp are musicians themselves as well as some of their devoted fans. Even though the sound of Purple Eve is everchanging, the underlying themes of their music remain the same such as: duality of good and evil, self-destruction, death and ultimately a rebirth.

    You can watch our new music video here:

    Purple Eve website:

    Best regards,

  10. Hey thurr,

    Today I released my first anthemic pop EP. It’s called Ship Around and I’m super excited to share it with you.

    It’s on soundcloud here: The title track, Ship Around, is a good intro to what I’m about.

    Thanks and happy listening!


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