Hi, welcome to New On My Playlist.

Tired of listening to the same old stuff on the radio or your Ipod? Looking for a regular source of good, interesting music?

If your answer to either of the questions is yes then you’ve come to the right place.

New On My Playlist is a music blog based out of  New Delhi, India and is meant to be a platform for sharing and spreading great music be it new or old; music that (I believe) should be heard more and be more popular than it is and music that makes an impression and stays with you.

For now the blog is broken up into the following categories :-

Cool new music

That's me (...till I get a better picture)

  • COOL ‘NEW’ MUSIC– Music that’s current and that is… well new on my playlist 🙂
  • BLAST FROM THE PAST– Overlooked classics anywhere from a few years to a few decades ago
  • GUILTY PLEASURES– Pop songs that i hate to admit i like
  • UN-EASY LISTENING– Songs that are a rewarding experience if you persist with them
  • MIXTAPES– Playlist & mixtape ideas
  • NUMBERS GAME– 4 rock bands that should have called it quits by now, 5 artists i will never admit to liking in public…you get the picture.

This blog has been set up by me Anshu Anand, a resident of New Delhi-India, an IIM Ahmedabad alumni, ex-consumer goods marketer and a passionate music listener. The music you will find here is mostly a reflection of my tastes with a certain bias towards all forms of Rock music.

I aim to post daily with the skew being in favor of the first 3 categories. I expect my readers/listeners to be completely bowled over by the gems that i put out there and to subscribe like mad and spread the word around 🙂

On a little more serious note, if you like something you hear here do let it be known. I also welcome any suggestions, ideas, music recommendations that you may want to share with me since that would make this blog a more enriching experience for everyone.

Finally i am still figuring out how this blogging deal works so if you come across any issues on this blog, do let me know.

What now?

I suggest you start by clicking on whichever category that speaks to you and jump into the music you find there.



  1. pretty awesome stuff Anshu. always looking for new music and I hope to stick with this – helps me go off the mainstream radio I tend to get used to! the grooveshark widgets are a cool idea! cheers

  2. my new found must read blog. simply wonderful

  3. Glad to have come across your blog… Fresh! Cheers!

  4. Dude – very nice.

    Addition that will flow with your playlist/style ; Campfire OK – Wishing you the best

    Cheers all the way from Seattle!

  5. dude nice blog
    Glad to have come across your blog

  6. Hey love your taste in music – and am subscribe to your channel on youtube for the monthly playlist update! Where have you been the last 10 months! Come back please!

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