6 Female Singers To Watch In 2013


female singers to watch 2013

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Here is my annual list of ladies who are creating some of the most awesome pop music at the moment and whose music I expect to reach out to larger audiences in 2013. The list features two artists each from the US and the UK and one each from Australia and Sweden.

I would have loved to include Jessie Ware on this list since she missed out last year but frankly she is quite famous already and doesn’t need any help from me :). Check out my list of 6 Female Singers To Watch In 2013 below and let me know your suggestions on additions to this list.


Indiana_female singer to watch 2013

The force is really strong with this one.

Indiana is a devilishly talented singer from Nottingham, UK who comes across as a mix of emerging young singers like Delilah & Ellie Goulding but with the maturity (vocally speaking) of a Sarah McLachlan.

Her pristine, beautiful voice has a haunting, arresting quality that sucks you in and the minimal electronic production on her songs just amplifies that impact of her vocals (just dig into her cover of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good).

Indiana’s been releasing songs steadily over the last few months and I’m hoping that an album release is on the cards sometime this year.

Artist Links: Facebook | Soundcloud


Emma Louise_female singer to watch 2013

Emma Louise is a 21-year-old Brisbane based folk pop singer-songwriter who first garnered attention in Australia with the release of her 2011 debut EP Full Hearts & Empty Rooms.

What marks Emma out as a special prospect is that like say Ben Howard, not only is she a gifted musician and songwriter but she also possesses an earthy genuineness that has and will have people rooting for her. Emma Louise signed to Frenchkiss Records in 2012 and will release her debut album on March 22.

Check out some of her music below and head to her Youtube channel to listen to tons of her earlier stuff.

Artist Links: Facebook | Youtube 


Sky Ferreira_female singer to watch 2013

Sky Tonia Ferreira is a 20 year old multifaceted (singer/model/actor) performer from Los Angeles, California. Sky hit her stride late last year with the release of her Ghost EP which contained stellar pop songs like Everything Is Embarrassing and Lost In My Bedroom. 

Her debut album I’m Not Alright should get released this year and if carries on from her EP it should be worth checking out.


Artist Links: Tumblr | Soundcloud


Chloe Howl_Female singer to watch 2013

At 17 years of age, British singer Chloe Howl is the youngest lady on this list. Though she’s only a couple of songs into her career, those songs happen to be brilliantly produced dance pop songs with oodles of attitude and have earned her comparisons to the likes of Lily Allen. Not bad huh!


Artist Links: Facebook | Soundcloud


Faye_female singer to watch 2013

FAYE (Fanny Hamlin) is a Swedish pop singer/songwriter who spent her early teens touring with the likes of N’sync & A-Teens as part of an all girl group named Play in the early noughties. 

Having recovered from that experience, Faye ignited her solo career in 2012 with the release of a handful of stellar singles like Water Against The Rocks and Breathe Out that clearly showcased her ‘soaring, heart-wrenching vocals and irresistible pop hooks’. 

No news on an album yet but Faye tours the US in March for SXSW so keep an eye out for her.


Artist Links: Facebook


Angel Haze_female singer to watch 2013

American Raykeea Wilson better known as Angel Haze finished 3rd on BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll and is the only rapper on this list. Just 21 years old, it’s obvious that she’s been through a lot in her life and those experiences and the emotions linked with them come across in her lyrics and music. 

There is a bristling angst and barely contained ferociousness in Angel Haze’s delivery that is simply arresting, just check out her take on Eminem’s Cleaning Out My Closet.

Artist Links: Facebook | Youtube


So what are your thoughts on this list? Who did you like the most? The least? If you liked any of what you heard do share this list with your friends.


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  1. This is a terrible list. Half of us have never heard of these people where are the blAck artist cause these people aren’t worth shit,and they are part ugly. Terrible List dumb ass what fuckin music do you listen to the old ass white bitch music. COME ON NOW. I wouldn’t pay a penny to listen to this dumb music. True Cheese. What the FUCK

    • a) what does the colour of an artist’s skin have to do with the quality of their music?
      b) Still, if you’re going be anal about it, last time i checked Angel Haze who is on the list is african american.

    • uhm, music isn’t about good or bad. just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t like it as well. I personally love all these songs, and I just heard of these people for the first time. There’s no need to be rude to someone just because of their musical preference.

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