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Yeahh it’s that time of the year! We are just past the half way mark in 2011 and here is a (play)list of 25 of my favourite songs of the first half of 2011.

I’v stuck to the one song per artist philosophy (yes there IS such a thing!) and as far as possible have stuck to songs that were released in 2011, either as standalone singles or as part of albums (there are some exceptions).

Check out the list and then head for the Grooveshark playlist below.

New On My Playlist 25 Best songs of H1’2011(in no particular order)

High School Lover by Oregon Bike Trails: Zach Yudins’ simple, nostalgic and so, so delicious ode to high school and all the complications that go with it :)

Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap by The Death Set: What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything that sounds like the Beastie Boys

How Can You Luv Me by Unknown Mortal Orchestra: How can one not love this burst of psychedelic, post punk?

Future Starts Slow by The Kills: A hypnotic riff; Alison Mosshart asking you to blow what’s left of her right mind. What more do you want hmm?

Freak Out by Tapes ‘n Tapes: A rollicking drum beat; lyrics about the wistful, transient nature of romantic relationships. The best song on their album Outside.

Anna Sun by Walk The Moon: The break out song for this indie rock band from Ohio, brimming with so much energy joy.

I Like The Way That You Walk by The Donkeys: A Classic rock love song by the San Diego sunshine boys. Nice, easy, laidback and oh with that refrain at the end, ‘Love you with all my heart’. INDEED :)

Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club: A catchy piano sample that sounds like a false start to All My Friends played by a sloshed LCD Soundsystem  coupled with a tasty bass riff; that run through the songs various turns and changes in tempo make Shuffle an irresistible delight.

Life Is Now by If The Kids: This one’s just a guilty, guilty pleasure and reflects my love for 80’s pop.

Get In Line by I’m From Barcelona: Anthemic Swedish pop incorporating a punk rock sentiment in a way that’s guaranteed to have you singing along.

Manners by Icona Pop: All good pop music seems to be owned by the Swedes, this song is no exception.

I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep by FM Belfast: My favourite band from Iceland at the moment. Loved Underwear (the song people the song!), love this song too.

Everybody Loves Me The Same Way by Otis Heat: An ultra addictive jam by this Portland based funk rock band. ‘Everybody loves me the same way, Nobody loves me the way I love ME’ truer words were never spoken hahaha.

The Shape And Colour Of Things Gone Blind by Fredrik: A unique aural journey into a new land of lush, dreamy, layered soundscapes. Experimental electronic rock never sounded so good.

Never Quite Free by The Mountain Goats:  A beautiful, almost uplifting song by John Darnielle about surviving abuse, though you’re never quite free of it.

Throw Your Arms Around Me by Summer Fiction: Nothing makes you feel quite as vulnerable as falling and being in love.  Few songs capture the sentiment better, a truly exquisite song.

Shook Down by Yuck: ‘You can be my destiny, you can mean that much to me’. The grunge revivalists from UK display their softer side on this song and show that they can do both the rough and the smooth with equal panache.

Speaking In Tongues by The Arcade Fire (featuring David Bryne): It’s been awhile since I came across an Arcade Fire song that I really liked.

Putting The Dog To Sleep by The Antlers: Reconciliation is hard, its even harder to move forward and trust again especially when

‘Well my trust in you, Is a dog with a broken leg
Tendons too torn to beg, For you to let me back in’

Great song from a great album.

East Harlem by Beirut: Ah those Horns :).

Don’t Sweat The Small Shit by CFit: With lines like ‘On those days when the rain incinerates all it touches we’ll just find a way to walk between the raindrops’ and that mesmerizing xylophone rhythm brrr one of the early favourites of the year.

Sadness Is A Blessing by Lykke Li: The little Swede grew up and had her heart broken on her second album Wounded Rhymes. Every time Lykke sang ‘sadness is my boyfriend, oh sadness I’m your girl’ I just wanted to give her a tight hug.

High For This by The Weeknd: The ultimate make out song on THE make out album/mixtape of the year

- Lotus Flower by Radiohead: Just for the opportunity to watch Thom Yorke dance :).

The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake: No one incorporates silence and the human voice as keys instrument in their songs quite like James Blake. Brilliant stuff!

Some honourable mentions:

Down in the Valley by The Head and The Heart: I love the live version of this song but have been unable to locate an mp3 of it till now

The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie by The Joy Formidable: I know Ritzy is probably pissed at me but most of the great songs on The Big Roarhave been released atleast a year or so ago. This song is good but not all that great in comparison

- Soak It Up by Houses: Released last year :(

- Easy Please Me by Katy B: One of the better incorporations of UK Garage and Dubstep in mainstream pop music.

Never Listen to Meby The Thermals

That’s my list people, I hope you enjoy listening to the playlist below (just refresh if you don’t see it around the first time). Let me know your favourite songs of the year up till now that aren’t on this list in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share the love hmm!


Original image by Éole Wind
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